Fatal Female Agency: Live at Rhizome by MidMountain.

This live EP was adapted from the Fatal Female Agency live show performed by MidMountain (Andrea Peterson/vocals/banjo/lyrics, Andrew Breiner/guitar) at Rhizome DC on February, 22, 2019. It features five original feminist murder ballads set in the West Virginian Timber and mining booms. Many thanks to Abby Wendle and Layne Garrett for recording and sound help, respectively. Now on Spotify and iTunes, and basically every other digital music service you can imagine.

Murder, She Sang: The Podcast that Reclaims America's Murder Ballads

This ongoing podcast series, started in 2019, explores the history of America's Appalachian Murder Ballad tradition through a feminist lens, starting with the Kingston Trio hit "Tom Dooley." Now on Spotify and iTunes.

MidMountain and Murder, She Sang merch available at the Plain Great Productions shop.